Sunday, January 1, 2012

I've been thinking...

Last year, around this time, I was fretting my life off, wondering whether I should or should not proceed with my MBA. One day, it was a definite yes, the next day, I had to pluck out the petals from a flower to make up my mind.

Then.... I decided to take the plunge.

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Study wise, I think I've done great so far. Everything has been on course in 2011. I've completed half of the modules and I just need to focus on completing the balance. And oh yeah, plus the thesis. 

Aaaarrggh....!!! The thesis...!!!

Surprisingly, when I think of 2012, my heart seems to skip a beat because I feel my fuel running low. I am really not too sure if I will be able to continue on, with the intensive pace, right up till November. 

Trying to lift my spirit higher on the outlook of 2012, it can't be as bad as 2011, right? I mean, I've cleared my CFM against all odds, what else will be able to stand in my way? 



Hmmm... you know what, now that I'm penning down my thoughts, I think my next big fear is the thesis. I am so afraid that by the time I come to doing it, my fuel would have run out. 

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However, I do still have a choice actually. I can delay the completion of my MBA and extend it beyond 18 months, but I will have to pay a penalty fee. This is the fear and conflict that I am having right now. But what is a penalty fee, when the most important thing is that I enjoy the learning process. I can afford to do that if I so wish to. I do not have to submit to the pressure of completion as stipulated in the course. Yeah, that's right! Problem resolved..!!!

Career wise, everything had been smooth and fabulous! 

Then the downside came. My dad-in-law departed from this world and went on a journey of his own. That was rather unexpected for us. Though we mourn for his passing, we actually also cherish all those times we had spent together as a family and all those crazy stuffs we did too. Obviously, the person affected most by his departure is my mom-in-law, but she seemed to have recovered fully and now seem to be taking charge of her life again. 

All in all, 2011 had been a great and blessed year. And it ended with an extreme climax in November and December.

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I thank you for all that my family and I have, and would like to end the year, as usual, wishing for great health, peace of mind and joy in all our lives.


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