Saturday, January 28, 2012

Burning the mid-night oil

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It is so unfair, that I have to study for my exam and work on my assignments at the same time when all others are still out there letting off fireworks into the sky or scaring their neighborhood's cats with pop-pop (pathetic), barbecue-ing & feasting, having a drink and a chat, singing their hearts out at the karaoke & having a good time. Those who are not out there chilling out are probably snoozing happily in bed.

And when I look at my 2 furballs nicely curled up nearby with one next to my laptop, it makes me even more fuming mad...

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Uhhh.... what was the reason why I thought was necessary to get an MBA in the first place again..? I forgot. But I do remember my younger brother encouraging me to do it. Yessss...!! It's him...!!! So I'll lay all the blame on him again, for the don't know how many times since I started my MBA program. 

Makes me feel better, especially when I dream of lazying on the bed in the air-cond room with my furballs, watching some funny movies and downing a can of shandy.

Hmmm.... my younger brother ain't gonna be pleased when he sees this. I know, I know, it's my own fault, I must have my own reasons for doing this. Just that at this juncture and in this un-godly hour, I can't remember. Anyway, nothing much I can do now but to .....

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and say....

Go! Go! Go!

and then only to ....

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