Wednesday, January 4, 2012

To eat or not to eat "pan mee"

I've just discovered a place for really nice "pan meen" in KK. I've seen the place quite a number of times, as I passed by the outlet, as it is rather strategically located. Only problem is that, the area surrounding it is ALWAYS jam packed with cars during lunch time, and given a choice, I would be running away from it at peak time.

The place is called Daniel's pan mee, and it's facing the Medan Selera, and same row as Brew and Bread.

They serve a variety of preparation, hakka style (with loads of minced meat), traditional style (soup style with anchovies), and with chillies style. 

What did we have for lunch that day..?

 ST's dry pan meen (kon lo)

My chillie pan mee. Not bad...!

And I love their sambal chilli, that is quite a killer, I tell ya!

Ok, having talked about the food, now let's talk about the decor of the place. It is a simple normal looking coffee shop that sells nothing but pan mee but the guy (Daniel) does seem to have a bit of unique creativity, style and point of view, which I like! Example....?

He had a few... uh... wooden posters hung up on the wall which makes interesting reading. Like these..

Click on any picture for a clearer view 

To continue on, for those who don't eat pork, please skip the next picture or close your eyes. If you don't mind, then feel free to carry on... :-D

Interesting, ain't it?

For more info, pictures and location map, please click here.



  1. Ahahah ahilarious, I love it when restaurants put up some things to look at while you wait for your food. xD

    I really love your writing style, would you mind becoming blogspot friends? :D
    I'd really appreciate it if you would come and take a look at my blog~ If I spraked your interest, my blog is
    Thanks in advance, and cu soon! <3

  2. Hi Yua!

    Thks for dropping by my blog. Yes, of course, I would love to be friends, and will drop by your blog too. Have a great week ahead!



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