Thursday, February 16, 2012

Half time

Thank God, it's Friday..!!! What a chaotic and hectic week this had been for us!

It was so hectic we didn't even celebrate Valentine's Day! This year, all hell break lose. Suddenly there were tons of urgent stuffs to prepare, several outstation trips to make, assignments deadline looming on the horizon and ST fell sick, on top of that. And before we knew it, Valentine's Day was gone. Of course, we promised ourselves we will make it up this weekend.

Actually, we do not really celebrate (like buying expensive gifts and bouquets of flowers), or maybe we do. We do make it a point to make reservation at a nice quiet restaurant for dinner. And usually those restaurants will ensure the dining experience, the atmosphere and the dinner package comes with tiny little gestures and gifts (a stalk of beautiful rose or two little imported chocolates) that is sufficient to make a lady feel special on Valentine's Day. 

It's the thought of making it a point to have a romantic dinner, while we enjoy the food, the atmosphere and treasure the moment together that counts. And it's something that I miss this year.

Anyway, I'm gonna chill out a bit this weekend, before hitting the accelerator again. It's gonna be another 6 weeks of grinding, followed by 2 weeks of crawling through. Might schedule for a facial massage or a full body massage next week, if I can find the time.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Cheerio!


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