Monday, February 6, 2012

Crocs craze

Picture taken from here

Was having my coffee and browsing through the newspaper with ST earlier, when we came across some articles and product advertisements targeted for Valentine's Day.

Crocs has a new range of Valentine's shoes for ladies, more of slip-ons and they got me interested. So I came home and googled it and found some lovely designs which am I so totally smittened with. I am crazy of flat Mary Jane type of shoes actually (with or without the strap), and I have a pair from Crocs that is made of fabric. The modern names for it is flat pumps or slip-on, I think.

This is the one that I have right now and I love wearing it!

Initially it was a bit hard, but after wearing it a few times, it is so comfortable...!!! I would like to share with you all, some of those I found that I really like. The first picture right at the top (light pink) is my favorite.

Picture taken from here

Picture taken from here

Picture taken from here

This one (pix above) was found in a kid's section. Not sure if they have this design for adults.. :-D

Picture taken from here

This one looks so awesome, but I do not quite like the color combination. 

My only worry is that I'm not too sure if I can wear those that is fully made of plastic looking material. That is the reason why I bought my first pair which is made of fabric. But it can get dirty especially when you walk in the rain, and I've actually washed it once.. :-D

Last but not least, notice all those that I've chosen up there are pink in color? Well, I did say Crocs shoes for Valentines.. :P


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