Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My check list

My personal checklist. 

With me kind of like going back to "school", this seems to be my life now. It's gonna be eat, sleep and play assignments & exams.. :-S

þ        Organizational Behavior


o            Management Information Systems

             Class starting this Saturday

o         Marketing

o         Organizational Development &        Change

o         Operations Management

o         International Business Management

o         Corporate Financial Management

o         Strategic Management

o         Internet Marketing 
            (fully assignment base)

              Eeermmm.... I think I like laa...

o         E-Commerce
            (fully assignment base)

                       I think I like laa...

o         Research Project of 8,000 words

Let's hope that I pass my OB exam, if not, then hv to un-check it and go for exam again.... f!@#$%¥β₳!!..


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  1. Sounds like quite the workload! Hope you did well on the exam and all the best for the rest of your courses!
    Thanks for dropping by NOH

  2. Thks! You hv a great week!


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