Monday, June 6, 2011

What's up, Doc?

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Had dinner at my brother’s house last Saturday night. The Chef in action on that day was – Ms Tomato Head, who started preparing at 11 am, assisted by the Grand Chef (the grandma) and the Mother Chef.

                                                      This is she…

The menu for dinner consisted of ....

Spring flower mushroom - Mushroom, chicken & carrot wrapped in cabbage with special sauce (her own creation).

Yummylicious potato pancake, dip in yoghurt sauce. Extremely good combination!

                           Tomato soup, naturally, made by Tomato Head.. :-D

                            Healthy Spaghetti Soup - Her own concoction

                                      Here's another picture of the spaghetti

We love the healthy mix of vegetables in the soup, made with real chicken stock substance and mushrooms.

I stayed over at my brother’s home that night, as we planned to go shopping the next day.

                                        The girls getting ready for the day out.

Went shopping at Fahrentheit, Lot 10 and Pavillion, or rather, their mom went shopping while we were goofing around.

                                             Charlie's Angels.. 

Actually the 3rd Angel was busy taking pix laa.. This angel here (1st from the left) is not supposed to be there one.. :P

Then when I was about to switch place with the actual 3rd angel, we got sounded by the sales staff there.. +__+

While the mom went shopping, everyone watches the CD Girl play games on the father's  iPhone 4, and the aunt got busy with her camera.

That's all, folks! Ta..!

Aiyah....!!! Forgot to take a pix of Panda/Pixie and Pearl, their hamsters..! Never mind, I'll be back..!

A friend took a pix of one of them, and posted it in the FB. Can be viewed here.


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