Thursday, June 23, 2011

Have you taken your calcium for the day?

No time for breakfast every morning? Why don’t you make a habit of storing a box of milk in your fridge. Do your marketing on Sundays.

Each morning, whether or not you have the time for breakfast, first and foremost have a glass of milk. On days where you are too busy to prepare or stop by somewhere to grab breakfast, at least you know that you have already coated your tummy with a glass of milk to provide you the energy and basic nutrients that your body need to power up for the day.

Most importantly, you provide your body with a daily dose of calcium it needs for healthy  bones and teeth.  It's always better to start off right, early in life. Even a small glass a day is good enough. However, avoid chocolate milk.

If you are not a fan of milk, alternatively, you can do the same with :

a) soya bean (soy milk)
b) yoghurt (preferrably low fat yoghurt)

These stuffs don’t need time to prepare in the morning. And milk can be purchased from anywhere at anytime of the day such as at 7-11, petrol stations, mini mart, grocery stores, even late at night.


1) More info on the role of calcium in your diet, please click here.
2) 15 Tips on how to prevent osteoporosis, click here.


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