Monday, June 20, 2011

Study mode. Do not disturb

                                    By the way, the person up there isn't me. Pix taken from here

People have been asking me how am I coping with my MBA study. Some might imagine me to be handling it like the one up there. Relaxing while doing my assignment. 

What do you think..?

Yeah, right..!! Did I just say IMAGINE...? Yeah, that's the RIGHT word alright..! This is more like how I'm coping...ok!?!?

They don't call it MBA for nothing.

I think they are trying to train us to be poly-chronic or something like that (uuh.. this is a new terminology that we learn in OB). It means doing many things at the same time.

Like we now have to work on 2 assignments (which will be due 2 weeks after our exam) and study for our exam at the same time (which will be in 2 weeks time). That's not a lot of time, ok, NOT AT ALL..!!

Every other day, I seem to think I have figured out what it is that the assignment want us to do, only to discover the next day, that I actually don't know what it is they want. Sometimes I'm supposed to be doing assignment I but then after a while, I realized that whatever I have been thinking is actually for assignment II. When I am supposed to be reading for the exam, I am actually thinking of assignment I, wtf..!

Fun eh..? That's what I have been going through and I am about to look like this..

I just hope that I don't get to a stage where I will have to do this.. :-D

But.. my lecturer kept telling us what we're going through is very normal. It's part of the learning process that we have to go through, especially if we've been working for many years, it will take some time to get the engine running... hence, we should take it easy woh..

Alright! Take it easy, I will...

Thank you for the advise, Dr Chua..! Cheers!

Oh wait, is that Dr Chua or Dr Chia... +__+


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