Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's up, Doc?

Nothing much happened lately, except that I've been busy with work, expos and bejeweled blitz.. :)))

And oh yeah, it was Qing Ming last weekend for us. I bunked in with my nieces coz we're supposed to leave the house real early for breakfast and then to Kajang to pray to my dad. Hence, the bag up there. And yes, that's my little teddy bear peeking out & a little Oreo for the girls .. :-D

So, here's what we do in the Kajang cemetery.

 Clearing up the surrounding area..

After we finished praying, we headed over to Cheras to pray to my mom. She was cremated and her bones and ashes are kept in an urn, now placed in a temple. Nothing much to show over there, coz you see nothing but people and their teary faces, and smoke every where.

And since the Qing Ming festival is over, we now freaks our butt out with the Income Tax season.

This is what I've started to go through and will be going through for the next few weeks.

                                                  Click on picture for a clearer view

And oh how I wish there is such a thing as this.................

Last but not least, for you ladies who need to give your nasty partner a last farewell gift...

If still cannot resolve the tax returns by end of the month, the last resort will be to do this & be happy... :)))


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