Monday, April 25, 2011

The hare and the tortoise

The Moral
Up and be doing, is an edifying text for; action is the business of life, and there’s no thought of ever coming to the end of our journey in time, if we sleep by the way.

UNNECESSARY Delays in all pressing Affairs are but just so much time lost, beside the hazard of intervening Contingencies that may endanger a total Disappointment. Let not the Work of Today be put off till Morrow: For the future is uncertain; and he that lies down to sleep in the middle of Business that requires Action, does not know whether he shall live to wake again: Or with the Hare in the Fable here, out-sleep his Opportunity. A plodding Diligence brings us sooner to our Journey’s End, then a fluttering Way of advancing by Starts and by Stops; for ‘tis Perserverance alone that can carry us thorough-stitch.

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