Saturday, April 2, 2011

Eat breakfast like a King to overcome your Monday blues

Monday mornings always seem to be here too soon. No matter how much we moan or groan, there is no escaping the M days.

Here is a tip on how to chase the blues away.

Plan your Monday breakfast over the weekend, to ensure you eat like a King on that  morning. Having a good start and a good meal on the first morning of the week will get your spirits up and help you charge on with full steam ahead.

Now when I say to eat breakfast like a King, I mean that it should also be healthy (one that has all the important components such as calcium, carbo, protein, vitamin C). 

This is what I would consider as breakfast for a King (in this era, at least).

Option 1

                                                Click picture for a clearer view

Option 2
A plate consisting of all the four pictures below would be a great choice too, as long as you do not pile on too much of them (especially item 3 - the cold cuts and meat). In fact, with most of us working in the office, that item can be non-present as the other three is actually good enough. Remember, keep it all in one plate, that's all you need.

Option 3

A bowl of cereal (weetbix & all bran) with nuts, seeds & raisins and low fat milk. Do not forget to take some fruits, this will complete the entire breakfast.

Option 4

Muesli or whole grain cereal with low fat milk and fruit

Option 5

Fruit breakfast with a glass of low fat milk, the easiest to prepare. Can be prepared overnight.

Option 6

Salmon and egg sandwich

Option 7

Yoghurt parfait with nuts and seeds. Healthy..!!

Some of you might prefer to down a cup of coffee in the morning, but I would very much prefer a cup of tea, which in my humble opinion, is healthier. 

                                                     Picture taken from here

Tea reduces stress level and enhances your metabolism rate. I would normally reserve my cup of well-deserved coffee for the afternoon.

Of course, to plan and execute a healthy and hearty breakfast, would mean having to get up a little earlier to prepare, which most of you would wince even more. But think of it this way, you’re gonna get a good delicious healthy breakfast. And DO NOT forget to ENJOY it slowly...!

And once you are able to do it, it would mean you’re ready for work when it’s time to get ready to go, rather than still agonizing in bed and trying to drag yourself out of it. Of course, you could do this to help you jump start your day.

1) Hop out of bed the moment you wake up in the morning. Lingering in that comforter will only draw out the agony.
2) Take a cold refreshing shower before you head down to prepare your breakfast



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