Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Recovery pose for sitting whole day and looking downwards

My yoga pose of the month – Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Most kids and adults now spend most of their time sitting and looking down. For the adults, it’s work or reading. For the kids, it’s classes/study, homework and on the pc.

The human body is made to move, but many of us spend majority of our waking hours sitting and bending over.

By bending most of the time, our back and neck goes through tremendous stress and it’s being in one position for far too long. This results in most people having hunch back, improper alignment, back ache and neck stiffness.

The cobra pose is a good pose to counter the time spent hunching over the whole day. Remember to push your shoulder to the back and push them down instead of bunching them up. 

Camel pose is another good alternative for the more experienced yoga practitioners.

For quick stretches while seated at your desk, refer to my previous blog – Relief for stiff neck and upper back, by clicking here.

Benefits of cobra pose
1) Affects the adrenal glands, sending them a rich supply of blood
2) Limbers & strengthen the spine
3) Stretches chest and lungs, shoulders and abdomen
4) Beneficial for back ache due to over work or long hours of standing
5) Firms the buttocks


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