Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Time to relax

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Settled one sticky and complicated matter this morning, what a relief..!!! Collected payment from a client this afternoon and the cleaners have just left the house.

My home is squeaky clean!

It's now time to relax, enjoy and re-charge my batteries!

Will be spending time with my nieces tomorrow, playing board games (Ticket to Ride - Europe) and catching up on girly stuffs.. :)))



I know of people who are still fighting and pushing forward even at this time, due to the nature of their work. To them, year end is always the peak time. If you are not already winding down for the year for any specific reason, perhaps it's time to plan for it now. Just to get you started, click here, for more info on how you can give yourself a break physically, mentally, emotionally and also from technology.

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