Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Slowing down to smell the roses

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I came back home from lunch and coffee this afternoon, but was not able to get into the house as it was pouring rather heavily. Under normal circumstances, I would have taken out the umbrella and rushed in.

Then I noticed the wall plants right in front of me, the money plant that crawls all over our gate pillar and wall. Suddenly I noticed that looking at them, under the rain, somehow brings out a kind of soothing feel to my eye and other senses. So I decided to continue enjoying the simple visual display of nature right before my eyes.

Then it got me thinking, hey, it's gonna be November tomorrow. Perhaps it's time we slow down and smell the roses!

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If we do not, November is gonna be gone before we even notice it, and Dec is going to fly by with all the year end holidays and activities. It is so easy to get carried away with our work and daily chores, that more often than not, we forget to slow down, count our blessings, initiate a bit of re-adjustment before the year ends, so that we can look back to 2012 later and say, hey, that was a great year!

Usually by this time, we would have gone and come back from our so called "mid year get-away" but this year, it got delayed, till when I can't tell yet. Whatever it is, life still needs to go on.

You may not know it, but it is not easy to slow down when you have been in fifth gear for the past 6 months, hence, I am going to use the month of November to help me achieve that state. This is to ensure that I will be able to treasure and enjoy the moment better come December.

First thing to do, learn to still the mind, allowing us the space to re-identify our direction in life, reflect and re-align with ourselves.

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How or where to start? Fix an appointment for a facial or full body massage. That will get the ball rolling. Or go for a manicure. Start reading a book or go watch a movie..?



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