Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What's up, Doc?

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I know, I've been rather quiet since I came back from the US. Been extremely busy.

My part time lecturing has started and my MBA class has also started. Then there was the 5 days MetalTech exhibition which we participated. That was a killer, I tell ya!

Well anyway, I rushed to class this afternoon, mentally freaking myself out wondering how I am gonna conduct a 4 hour class on the subject Research Methods in Communication, and all that. It always take a while (like a few weeks and a few classes) to get our thinking juice flowing on how to go about lecturing without boring the students to tears, coz I myself felt like crying while reading the text book, know what I mean?

As if that's not hard enough, we have to be creative in how we deliver the message and still get the students feeling excited about their research project, how do you beat that..?

So there I was nervous like hell when I stepped into the class, and waalaaa... I saw this on my table.

 Happy Teacher's Day...! My students shouted. 

Eeermm... I'm not sure if today is the actual day or not, but I was pleasantly surprised that they made the gesture to present me with something to show their appreciation, despite the fact that today is only my 2nd class with them, and I'm not too sure either whether they understood what I was painstakingly trying to explain to them about the boring subject that yours truly have to teach.

And I thought such teacher's day is only celebrated in school, not in college. Anyway, it was nice, even though the admin department gave them the wrong spelling on my surname. Had it been my students who got it wrong, I would have deducted marks from their exam.. :P

Oh wait! You know what? I think this is called bribery...!!! 

Enough of that, I managed to get through the 4 hours, but with some hiccups here and there. After lunch at Wangsa Walk, as I was about to rush back to college for my class, it started pouring cats and dogs. And I mean "pouring". So in the pouring rain, I ran back, and walked into my class looking like a drenched kitten, huffing and puffing like I just did a marathon. Fun, eh?

After class, as I was preparing to run out, get into my car and rush home, I found that it was pouring again, this time even more heavy. The sky was extremely dark, so I had to wait for a while. But... I managed to get home, and that was my Tuesday for me.

Picture taken from here

After having gone through all that, I agreed with ST that we shall go for our favorite food for dinner.

 Fried mee hoon with fish head (kum heong style)

 And the highlight of the night..... 

"Seong thong la-la" (Clams cooked in chinese rice wine with ginger and chili padi)

It is super yummmylicious..........!!!! But I am also very "high", hicks..!! Not sure how I'm gonna do any reading tonight.. -__-


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