Thursday, May 3, 2012

Picture of the day

This is so unbelievable!!! My 2 furball - Tabby & Timon sharing the comforter and sleeping side by side...!!!!

Under normal circumstances, the 2 of them will never be caught near each other, except on those few brief moments when they greet each other by rubbing noses.

Other than that, Timon just love to intimidate Tabby, and is rather territorial. In fact, he loves to creep up on her and give her a heart attack, and usually for that, he gets a swat in his face by her paw-paw chai. He never likes sharing anything with her. Tabby on the other hand, is a nervous wreck and forever anxious, so she can never tolerate being near Timon.

This afternoon, perhaps it could be due to the heavy downpour, Tabby decided to sleep on Timon's favorite comforter. The amazing thing is, Timon decided to sleep at his favorite place, and didn't even chase Tabby away. The more amazing thing is that, Tabby didn't budge despite the fact that Timon lied down just next to her.

We need to go and "tikam" already, as the Chinese says (means go and buy lottery).. :P


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