Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cirque Du Soleil - Fashion?

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We went to watch Cirque Du Soleil - La Nouba, in Orlando. We arrived at the place early because, being a Saturday night, we wanted to soak in the downtown Disney atmosphere.

We had plenty of time to spare at the CDS souvenir shop, and trust me, I had to grit my teeth to prevent myself from grabbing some of the really fabulous handbags, wallets, coin pouches, etc that was on sale. After some time, I decided to walk out without purchasing anything. Terror eh..? ST bought a fridge magnet, needless to say.

However, after the performance, it was totally a different story. I was so blown away, that I was adamant to get a souvenir. The performance was so inspiring, I wanted to have something that will continue to inspire me, something which I can remember of. Also I wish to honour the team of performers by owning a piece of the item from there.

So I went and bought a lady purse as a souvenir. Not to use but to keep.

However, when I came back, my old wallet "kaput". So I thought I'd use the CDS wallet/purse until I have time to find a new one. Yesterday I was at The Empire Shopping Gallery browsing around at wallet counters, when the lady at the counter saw my CDS wallet and couldn't help commenting that I have a truly gorgeous looking wallet.

 This is the wallet that I bought

Click on any picture for a clearer view

It's a three fold wallet

I came back, went online out of curiosity, started to google and found that CDS has a Cirque Du Soleil Online Boutique for fashion items, and OMG, the bags and stuffs that I saw in there are really to die for...!!!

So I decided to highlight some of them here.. enjoy!

I love this backpack...!!!! I love it! I love it! I love it!

The back view

The back view

I love this one too......!!!!

Gorgeous, don't you think so..?!?!

 This is a bag. Unique, ain't it...?

 Geeez... if they had this one in Orlando, I would have bought it for sure..!!!!

Inside of the wallet/purse

You can view their full range of other fashion items here.


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  1. How do I order one of these items?

  2. How can I order one of these purses?


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