Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is 3D Printing "Creating A Whole New World?"

                           A prototype part printed by a University in US that studies wildlife anatomy

Imagine a machine which accepts CAD (computer aided design) drawings, then produces a three dimensional prototype within a few hours. 

We are talking about prototypes that perform just like the final product and complex assemblies that require no assembly. Up to thousands of end-use parts built for less than the tooling cost of one.

                                 A prototype part printed by a public college in Malaysia
Whatever you imagine, a 3D printer helps you make it real!

A prototype part printed by a private university in Malaysia. Belkin Tower of London.

                                  Feel free to click on any picture for a much clearer view

                                    Printed part by a local public university in Malaysia

                                        A medical prototype for bone structure study

                                        Co-founder of Bespoke with a prosthetic limb

It is also able to make ABS prototype pieces that snap together to fit into an assembly, providing a higher level of accuracy, stability and durability than wax models. They won’t warp, shrink or absorb moisture.

                                          The Urbee Hybrid - The First 3-D Printed Car

You can now build a functional and working model because they withstand rigorous testing. The best thing? You do not need any specialized training.

It is so useful, the machine is now being introduced to public high schools in US..!

Latest up-date, magic arms let little girl play "hug".

For full article, please click here.

The ultimate dream of mine will be to have this prototyped by a 3-D printer.. :)))

Up-dated on 19 Sept, 2012
Airbus is designing a concept cabin to envision the future of air travel. They would like to turn the concept into reality through the use of 3D printing. Click here for more info.

For more information on 3D printing, click any of the link below :



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