Monday, September 19, 2011

How can I turn off my night terrors?

Didn't sleep much the whole of last night. You know why? Because I was having nightmare the entire time.

What was I dreaming of..? This -

Lecturer : OMG, you mean you forgot to read chapter 135, the most important chapter..?!?!

I forgot to bring my prepared notes and text book into the exam hall on the exam day..! 

Even the weakest student of all, was able to do complicated mathematics calculation in record time while I couldn't even do the simplest one...!

Lecturer : So what are the implications of all this financial decisions made by this and this company? What are the implications? You have not covered the implications yet. (That's because I was planning to cover that tomorrow maah.. wtf!@#$?%&!!)

Lecturer : What's NPV?
Me : NPV...!?!? What NPV..!?!? MPV I know laa.. die lo!

Those few incidents were repeating itself the whole night, until I awakened from it. 

Then when I tried to continue to sleep, it also continued into the night... Very "seong" lo, like that!



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