Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear God...

Please let me pass my CFM exam tomorrow.

Please make sure the question doesn't require us to do any mathematics calculation, scrutinization & analysis of  any spreadsheets, coz I tried but I still don't know how. Hence, I've given up on that altogether.

Please make sure it doesn't require us to comment on the subject of WACC and the Modigliani & Miller theory, coz I've read it like a 143 times and I still can't understand how it works and how to apply it to whatever. I swear I did try a lot of times..!!! You can ask my furball who bears witness to all my late nights.

Please make sure I remember to bring my notes, textbook and black pen to the exam hall.

Please help me to stay calm and remind me to go through my check-list before I leave the exam hall.

If the questions are too hard, all I am asking for is a pass, but if it's not too hard, please give me a C.... 

Ok la, ok la, just give me a pass will do.




I guess asking for a B is out of the question, then?

I know there were times I played bejeweled blitz much more than I studied, but you must understand that this is an EXTREMELY tough subject, not only for me, but also for the rest of the WORLD. So please have some passion. Eh, sorry, I mean compassion. I was merely trying to keep my attention and interest going with "short break" intervals.. :P

With this, I now put my life in your hand.

Thank you and good night!

Oh, and here is a little cake for you so that you will grant me all the wishes willingly and happily, if you happen to bump into my blog.

But you can only have 1 slice coz you need to watch your diet, but these are healthy cakes, so you can eat in peace.

Oh, and sorry God, I actually ate the chocolate one already, so you have one less choice to choose from.. :)))


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