Saturday, August 27, 2011

What's up, Doc?


Just to give you some ideas on what CFM is about, and what I am going through right this moment…

                          This is the book. Feel free to click on any picture for a clearer view

In class, this is what we all do...

                                 See the guy on the left? See the one on the right as well?

At night, this is what I do ...

I've decided that I am just hopeless where math is concerned. Anything to do with figures, math formulas, calculations, accounting, finance, etc, etc.. it's ALL beyond me. Just not my cup of tea. Period, and having said that, I am psyching myself up for many re-sits for this paper, and still not pass.

So, how have I been faring lately....? This is how....

Uh… see the CPU that is on fire? That's how my brain feels right now, ok. Thank you very much. 

This week, I have a friend who highlighted to me that between studying and working, studying is not that easy after all. Well, just in case he forgets, I am working and studying at the same time, except that I now have a much more flexible time compared to working for others. And if I reflect back the time when I was working for others, I shiver, and thanks to this friend, I am glad that I am doing what I am doing right now. Unless all the modules that I am taking are finance related, otherwise, I would be happy sticking to what I am going through at this moment.. :-D

A gift in the mail
3 ½ weeks ago, I was stressed to the max with information overload doing MIS assignments, when ST informed that he needed to go back to Penang, for work as well as to visit the parents. So I was working on my assignments all alone at home, and nearly went “bongkus”, when he text me and told me that his sis decided to pass me a Fossil handbag, which she originally bought for herself but decided she didn’t really like it. 

When he came back from Penang, he told me that his sis also bought me “something” from Paris. And he passed me a package that looked like this…

When I saw the word on the package, my jaw nearly dropped open, but I kept my cool, thinking it can’t be, coz that is a very expensive brand. So I thought, she is probably re-using the LC gift package.  Maybe she bought a LC for herself, it came with the wrapper, hence, she is using it to put my “something” inside.

So I pretended to look cool.... 

                                                      Picture taken from here

while I opened the package. Imagine my expression when I saw what’s inside…




It was indeed a Longchamp, from Paris….!!! And oh, how I love it….!

This is how it looks like when folded up.

This is how it looks like when opened up.

And it's in my favourite color blue...........!!!

I know, I know, we can now get one that looks exactly like a Longchamp from Brands Outlets within the price of RM 30-50 depending on the size, but hey, mine is ORI and it's FREE.........!

Thank you! You made my day...!

                                                         Picture taken from here

Mascot gone missing!
I was at our regular pet shop few afternoon ago, coz I needed to book a place for my two furball, when we head back to Penang. As I walked in, I noticed that the petshop mascot was missing.

This is the mascot...

                                                 This picture was taken in early 2008

She would normally walk up and greet anyone who steps into the shop, unless she is sleeping somewhere in the shop. Friendly and playful lil' fella. The whole neighborhood knows her, including my nieces. She's fat too..! She sometimes walk around in a Korean outfit, more glamour than a Korean princess.

That afternoon, not seeing her around, my heart skipped a beat, thinking that something might have happened to her or something. So I asked the owner's daughter where is Meow Meow.

She pointed to a notice on the wall. I slowly looked over, thinking I'm gonna see a picture of her and a notice of her demise pasted on the wall. I almost had a heart attack you know, until I read the notice.

Good grief..! That wasn't funny, I tell ya!

She's been kept grounded in the boarding area. Poor meow meow!

My lovely kitchen clock

This is the clock that I have hanging on my kitchen wall. Don't you think it's pretty...?

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