Sunday, August 14, 2011

A taste of Bologna

                                                                   Picture taken from here

On most Sunday nights, we will head out of KK for dinner because most of the eating places in KK will be close, and those that are open are limited.

Last Sunday, for no reason, ST decided to drive over to Solaris Dutamas. We were there once a few months back, was rather impressed with the development of the entire place and so he decided to go back this time to check out an eating place that he read somewhere in the newspaper or magazine.

The place is owned by a couple – an Italian and a Malaysian who became a citizen of Italy after staying there for about 20 years.

We ordered 4 stuffs from the menu. One appetizer, two main course and one dessert. The place is well known for its authentic Italian food, especially from Bologna.

                                           The appetizer – Sautee mushroom

This is real good, but then for a mushroom lover, anything mushroom is good. It’s cooked in the most simple and basic way, yet it’s lovely. Feel free to click on any picture for a clearer view.

                    Fresh ravioli filled with monkfish in a scallop and saffron sauce.

This is something really different. I am an Italian food lover and it’s my first time having a ravioli that is not creamy, yet unique in its own way. The sauce is light but definitely unique. Won’t mind having it again.

                    Hand made crespelle filled with 4 different types of cheese and truffle

This was the highlight of the entire dinner for me. I took one bite, felt like I went to heaven and didn’t want to come back, but have to come back laa..  for more, of course. 

It actually look like a pie in a claypot, where the pastry holds all the stuffs inside. You cut it and dig a portion and put it in your plate. The smell of the “black gold” which is the truffle was heavenly (no wonder they call it black gold). Inside is actually like the lasagne, where they stack layers of pastry on top of another, with plenty of mushrooms and cheese in between. The portion is not that big actually, but oh… so scrumdidillyumptious….!!!!

                                           Another shot of it on my plate

      Dessert - Panna cotta (vanilla white cream topped with chocolate or fruits cream)

The cream is from out of space, I tell ya! It’s super smoooooth….. and lovely…..!!!

What an enjoyable and wonderful night. While enjoying our food, I couldn't help but let my mind travel to Bologna, as if I am actually having my meal there. Bliss...!

                                                       One of the symbols of Bologna

To read more about Osteria Real Blue, what else they offer on their menu and more pictures to feast your eyes on, you can click here.



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