Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Days!

Last Sunday, after a tough exam the day before, I decided to head over to Amcorp Mall’s flea market. ST had been bugging me to go there for months and I thought, since I needed some distraction, I agreed to his suggestion this time round.

I complained to him before that I found the so called “flea market” at The Curve (if it is actually categorized as flea market at all) to be more like a day time “night market”. And he told me that I should check out the one in Amcorp Mall.

And true to his words, I found a lot of the “really” old stuffs being displayed there by mostly passionate and enthusiastic collectors. You can find items ranging from antiques, records, collectibles, arts and crafts, household products, homemade food, toys to second hand items.

And wow, what a great time I had, though it was a little too noisy to my liking. Maybe it’s because of the fasting month, they had stages and people singing and shouting over the microphone, later in the afternoon, performing some stage show or something.

Anyway, I took some pictures, those stuffs that attracts my interest and attention and I would like to share it with you here.

All sorts of old looking stuffs, though I am not sure if they are really old. See, they even have horse shoes on sale. These are real ones, ok! Can’t see? Here’s another clearer picture.

                                   Want to know what attracted me to this picture?

See the axe on the right? That was used to chop off human heads before. When I heard that, I almost fainted! And it is REAL heavy, I tell ya! If not properly handled, it can just drop down and chop off your feet. 

Eeerm... knowing how clumsy I am, I almost did! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

                                   Feel free to click on any picture for a clearer view

I love bells, and these are OLD bells, with really intricate design as handle, really nice…!!!

And this...! My nephew, little Jet will love these…………!!!

Used for wayang kulit. They look rather new  to be old though..

This is a radio, very unique looking, eh..? And I like the miniature figures in front of it. Click on picture if you can't see clearly here.

Amongst the flea market, there is a tiny little shop that sells all the imported items for kitchen and study use, brought in from Europe. Oh how I love all the things inside. The shop is called Brunelleschi, operated by a Malay lady.

 I would love to have this kettle clock on my kitchen wall..! It's so unique and cool..!

                                                                 This is nice too! 

                                               And this....!!! I want them all....!

                                                         Love this little cabinet

                                                             And I want this too..!

Stamps, old old stamps from all over the world..!!!

 These are old, you can be sure...

                       Not sure if these are old, but they certainly look old from far..

I am not sure what they are, but they look impressive. Here’s another larger picture.

                                      Old cameras...!!! Where to find them nowadays...?

Geeee, don't you just love those old irons..? Don't think I am envious of those people using it at that time, but I do appreciate their "old-ness"...

                                               Would like to have this train...

                                              Don't you just love this type writer...?

There were plenty more stuffs which I would love to highlight here, but I wasn’t allowed to take pictures. Stuffs such as old intricate tea spoons (that looks like it was used by the people living in the Victorian era, Elizabeth era, etc), lovely fridge magnets, etc, etc..

More sites where you can read about the flea market in Amcorp Mall. 


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