Monday, March 28, 2011

The joy of being a minimalist

What is a minimalist - One who believes in or seeks a minimal state; one who seeks to minimize or reduce to a minimum.

It means living a life of simplicity.

Accumulate little
The more you possess, the more time and energy you spent worrying about them and looking after them. Keep things to the basic and you will find that you have thrown out a whole chunk of worries off your mind. 

What you don’t need or don’t use for months, donate it. There are others who need them much more than you. There is only so much you can use in this one life.

Eat and dress simple
Eat moderately and dress simply. Your body does not need that much food, especially if you sit in the office most of the time. We need clothes for protection, and in this modern era, glamour for some. Make it a point to dress comfortably, that’s the most important, not to impress.

Lead a simple stress-free life
In our lives, a million and one things are demanding for our attention and action. Family members, work, personal needs, social obligations, etc, etc. Learn to prioritize. No one else can do it for you.

Most importantly, enjoy life and have fun while you’re alive and trying to survive. This will get you through anything that life throws at you.

Sometimes, having a simple mind isn’t that bad at all.

You think it’s not possible to be a minimalist and still be successful in life? Mahatma Ghandi did it. He was a world leader and idolized by millions! Imagine that!


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