Sunday, March 20, 2011

A day when anything that could go wrong, went wrong

There was a mega storm on Monday afternoon. One of the lightning bolts hit our house, I think, and it got our modem router. Because Belkin modem router is under a lifetime warranty, after a quick trouble shoot over the phone, we were assured within 10 minutes that it will be replaced with a new one.

Needless to say, we were jumping with joy upon hearing that, because this is our 4th or 5th router (the last one was also hit by lightning but different brand). However…, it took them one day to instruct their service center to have a new unit ready for us and another day for the e-mail to be sent to us, instructing us where to go, to get it changed. 1 + 1 = 2 full days in total.

The best part was, ST had tons of urgent mails and documents to work on and to be sent out by Tues & Wed. And our back-up plan, the MAXIS broadband stick somehow decided to go on strike only with his lappie this particular week. So he was super anxious to have the modem router replaced asap.

Can you imagine, I had to call their Technical Support Center somewhere far far away (for sure it’s not in Malaysia) because their customer care personnel names are like Raghu, Suresha, Yogesh; they speak PUURFECT English, with a very heavy accent. Not only that, they must also appoint a service center here in Malaysia that is located at a place where it is NOT in Puchong, but the road says Jalan Puchong; it is NOT in OUG but the address says Tmn Perindustrian OUG...! The place description sounded like somewhere on this earth that was non-existent to me. Anyhow, we finally got it replaced by Thursday morning.

On Tuesday, I found out that I had to fill-up approximately 18 types of form (online via their new portal) for the coming MetalTech Exhibition, and the submission deadline was the next day.

On Wed, I tried to register in our customer’s online supplier management portal to access and to print out a Purchase Order issued to us. While doing to do that, I almost wanted to run out and kill someone, coz their step by step instruction given was incomplete, the system hangs halfway, and when I called all the 5 telephone numbers provided in the e-mail, no one answered until the call went dead. When I finally managed to get thru one of the number, they told me their helpdesk number has changed...!?!? But when I called the new number, it rang till it got cut off.

And don’t forget, by Wednesday, I was still waiting for the e-mail from Belkin to direct us to their service center. They kept saying our case is under "queue".

I exploded on Wed afternoon.

End of story...

Eh, sorry, not yet! That night, while still fuming mad,  we went for a piece of...

chocolate indulgence in Secret Recipe. Needless to say, it was scrumdidlyumptious..!!

And so, my good mood was finally restored..


Went down to Bangkok Bank to settle some banking matter, and decided to meet up with my sis-in-law, Winnie for lunch coz her office is around there. We left the house late, and because it was Friday, there were mega jam everywhere, so we decided to drive to KLCC and take a LRT to Central Market.

I was at Central Market in Dec last year, but it was still under construction. I didn’t expect it to look so impressive this time round when we reach there.

We went for beef noodle, located along Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock. Seems that this is quite famous.

Indeed it was delicous. This was what I ordered. They make their own noodle, taste good! The beef ball and slices of meat was lovely!

                                  This was what ST and Winnie ordered

                      See, so happy that she got to eat her beef noodle

                          Not enough, ordered some more, just the "liu"

ST finished his bowl of noodle in record time, look at his shirt, all drenched with sweat but he's one happy chap!

That's all for now, ta ta!


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