Thursday, March 10, 2011

Couch potato I have become

It's not what you think, ok!

I've been lying down in front of the TV, with the TV & Astro remote in one hand, fan remote in the other and drinks lying around the sofa since this morning and probably till tonight and tomorrow because I hurt my back, real back.

I actually unconsciously hurt it on the last day in Koh Samui, but it was healing quite nicely until yesterday morning when I decided to do some hand washing. Hurt it the second time when I was trying to scoop up a bucket of water from the bath tub. I bent down and as I was trying to stand up with the bucket, the pain that coursed through my body was in-describable.

And since I am one who cannot sit still, I have to ensure everything that I needed is around me. Don't worry, I won't end up like this (pix below), coz it hurts real bad just trying to get up when I'm already lying down.

And there isn't any junk food in the house, so no worries.

I've been watching Asian Food Channel (AFC), Britain's Coming Top Model (or something like that), Just for Laughs - Gag Asia (this had me laughing and rolling on the floor, in pain, of course..!), Mr Bean (can you believe it, wtf..?!?!), Travel & Living Channel (TLC), NatGeo, Animal Planet, E-News, CNN, etc, etc, and probably switching over to WLT soon (Chinese Channels) and Korean channels. 

                             Right now, I wanna go cruising in Halong Bay....

Last night I was having problem sitting up straight in front of my lappie. Had to lie down. This afternoon, it's much better. 

Fun, eh? But I am dreaming of potato chips right now, with a cool can of Vanilla Coke, yuuuumm...! That pix up there is bad influence, I tell ya! And some moist chocolate cake will be lovely, cheesecake would be nice, some grilled barbecue meat will make my day for sure. If there's non of these, I won't mind settling down for a Chilli's Burger. 

Hmmm... watching too much of AFC isn't much good, eh?

                                              Moist chocolate cake, I want................!!!

                                                           Or cup cakes.......!?!?

Geez.... let's hope this won't take long to heal, else, mampusss....!!!

Ok, ok, I tell you what, I will settle for a cheesecake...? Alright, settled then. Now waiting for ST to get back home... :)))


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  1. Hey there thanks for visiting my blog :) Love your blog's background :) I's followed you :)

  2. Hello :)

    I like the way you blog :3

    nice one !
    Take k ya.

  3. Hilary - Thks! Let's keep blogging.. :-D

    eMiLy - Yeah, I know! Watching all those food prog on TV made me hungry too, that's why!


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