Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hong Kong story continues...

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At Work

Attending the Stratasys Annual Kick-Off Sales Conference with Farida Win from Indonesia.

It was a hectic and intense meet this time round. Nevertheless, it was nice to see all our old friends again.

 Good old friends from India

This was taken on the last day, after the conference ended.

Goofing around with our Japanese friends at the lobby while waiting for transfer. This (Makoto Ito) is one cool guy, I tell ya!

At Leisure

On the island

With only 2 days in Hong Kong, and no plans drafted on what we intended to do, we took my sis-in-law's advise by taking the ferry across to the island via Wan Chai & hopped on to the "ting-ting" (cable car) all the way to Sheung Wan.

Earlier on, we asked the hotel to help us make table reservation at "Yung Kee Restaurant" for the world famous "siew ngor" (roasted goose). It is a must go. 

And spectacular it was...

The famous appetizer - century egg


Day 2 was spent exploring the street from Mody Road - Carnavon Road - Cameron Road - Nathan Road - Harbour City Mall. 

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Note the scaffolding that Hong Kong uses in their construction process. They use nothing bamboo.. :-D

This is something widely practiced in Asia, especially Hong Kong. Due to its versatility and eco-friendliness, bamboo is an extremely cost effective resource. What's surprising, it is durable enough to support the weight of builders, their equipment and materials.

This picture was taken at the Harbour City MallYou wouldn't believe how big this place is.

That's Logos Hope behind me. With over 400 volunteers, from 60 different nations, Logos Hope aims to bring knowledge, help and hope to the people around the world.

We couldn't afford to buy anything in the mall despite the huge discount. Instead, I bought a pair of Merrell walking shoe at one of the little shoe shop (amongst the shop lot) along one of the roads outside our hotel. This one is also on huge discount.. :)))

It's extremely comfortable..!!!

We walked to the Avenue of Stars around 7 pm, selected the best view seat (coz it's free), waited for the 8 pm symphony of light show while at the same time, enjoyed the night scene of Hong Kong and the cool weather. That was our third time watching the light show. Still as magnificent.

This time round when the show started, we sat transfixed absorbing the music and the synchronization of light show, instead of getting busy taking photos. I believe we took enough in our first trip there.

My biggest achievement for this trip..? I managed to snap some pictures of the roast goose and century egg, and I can proudly say that they're MY pictures.. :P

That's all, folks!


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