Saturday, January 12, 2013

Do you need it or do you want it?

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We did not get to indulge in our  mid year get-away last year, and things at work got a little heated up at the end of the year.

So two weeks ago, I told ST that I intend to get two items for myself.

And this....

He looked at me and said, "But our bathroom is already full of your body scrub stuffs. You have a scrub glove, a scrub sponge, a scrub loofah and also if I remember correctly, some scrub cream in a container that's been there for like ages. Why do you need another body scrub for..?"

"Do you need it or do you want it?", he asked. Geeez... how I hate it when he sound so practical and so like me.. :P

Eeeermm... ok, maybe I just wanted it. Abandon plan. Then I will go and get a facial scrub since I just finished a tube. The one that I have been using all along is no longer in production.

So, happily I walked into the Origins counter and asked for the facial scrub which I have been scrutinizing carefully on the internet. However, when the lady at the counter heard that I have extremely sensitive skin, she told me the above product is not for me because it contains fruit (papaya), that has vitamin C which is no.1 irritant on sensitive skin.

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Sigh, want to buy something to reward myself also so difficult...

Such is life, eh? Anyway, since I do not have anything that I can afford to buy, I try to stop seeking stimulation and instead, learn to appreciate whatever that I have. The clear blue sky above, the special moment that I spend with my loved ones, I savor each and every bite of the food that I put in my mouth, and enjoy as well as cherish the experience of living and being.

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This morning, I was dashing around at college, punching in my attendance card, photocopying lecture notes & hand outs, collecting my student's attendance and mark list, etc, thinking that I'm gonna be late for my class and silently lecturing myself, while at the same time, running through today's lesson plan in my head when I bumped into one of my ex-student from last semester at the lecturer's room. 

She told me she bought me a packet of "teh tarik" and left it on my table. That was at 9.05 am.

Aaaaawh... don't you just love life..?



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