Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tomato Head's Scrap Book - Food!

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It is amazing how a young lady (my tomato head, who else), stressed with college work load, is able to cook up such a fare for the family on this long week end.

Just look at the variety of healthy choice and the spectacular play of appetizing colors of the food, which got us so darn hungry while waiting for her to put on the finishing touches. It was a torture for us, I tell ya!

This is how the individual portion looks like. It has salad (raw veggies, with boiled corn, kidney bean, button mushroom), aglio olio spaghetti, salmon, prawns, tortilla (with shredded cabbage, cucumber & carrot fillings, lying on top of a bunch of alfalfa) and whipped potato with gravy on top.

The tomato soup was superb as it was hand grated & mashed instead of machine blended by her loyal and efficient self appointed assistant (the father), together with lots of onions, celery, carrot and potatoes. I had two helpings of it..!!

Home made tiramisu cake, with the inside biscuits dipped in nescafe. Heavenly..!!! This one, the recipe was passed down to her from her aunt.

Her "phor phor" decided to chip in with her contribution of lovely and refreshing jellies, bless her...!!! 

I believe her "phor phor" got influenced by her in terms of healthy eating and being creative, I mean, have you ever seen "kei chee" jelly before? That's goji berry or wolf berry.. :-D

She is so efficient in coming up with all sorts of dishes combination, I have decided to document in picture form, all that she cooks in my blog here, just for record purpose and will call it - The Tomato Head's scrap book - Food!

She did this in June when the family met up over a weekend..

I love the chicken, the pasta and the soup!


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