Thursday, August 30, 2012

Talkin 2 myself

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I am on a mission tonight....

For some unknown reason, I seemed to keep waking up in the middle of the night for the past few nights, and stayed awake for more than an hour. Initially, due to the pouring rain the past few nights, I thought I was worried of the dripping sound on the roof, just above our bed. However, it was not pouring last night, and the same thing happened again, and worse, last night I was rolling from the left to the right, right to the left for about more than 2 hours..!!

So, I have decided to stay up, no matter how tired and sleepy I am tonight, to exhaust myself even further, and hopefully, later when I finally decide to hit the sack, I will be able to drift off right up till morning.

Hence, the reason why I am blogging, he..he..

Battle between the devil and the angel

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Each time I settle down for some serious study or to work on my assignments, I get these two jokers appearing out of nowhere, talking to me and to each other, interrupting my flow of thoughts. One is usually on the right while the other is on the left of me. Can you guess?

Like tonight for example. Yeah, I will have one fella telling me that I am hungry, or that I am tired, I need to eat for energy and booster. Now I know that night snacking is unhealthy. Yet frustratingly, I will automatically feel tired or hungry. Then my angel came to the rescue, so I headed downstairs and allowed myself to indulge in ........

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an orange....!!!! Now ain't that a healthy snack, one that is sure to perk me up for the night.. ;-)

But then, the red fella just won't give up easily. After sitting down in front of my books for another 15 minutes, she told me that I am beginning to feel sleepy, that I am exhausted, since I haven't been sleeping well lately.. -.-

True enough, within minutes, I started feeling my eyelids getting heavier and heavier, and before long, I was dreaming of my comfy bed. Gosh, was I tempted to just turn off my laptop, close my books and head off to sleep! Then bless my angel, she quickly came to the rescue, and whispered a tip into my ear.

So I headed downstairs again, to put the kettle on the boil, and brewed some....

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green tea... :-D

Now, green tea has been known to be consumed by Japanese monks ages ago, to keep them awake when they need to meditate, and it's a much healthier choice than coffee. So yeah, I am still hanging on to my mission.

I won't say that I am extremely productive with the study part, but yeah, I am still up..!

But as we all know, our energy level dips every few hours. So each time it takes a dive, I will pop in a sweet, keeping it to maximum 2 p'night. I am not too sure how healthy that is, but I guess, that's the least that I could do to stay on track and remain as healthy as I can.

It's 1.35 am, and hey, I'm still here...!!

Hope I am able to stay up a little later still. Wish me luck!


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