Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hang in there

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I just need to hang on for another 4 days, that's all. Yup! Another 4 more days, and I'll be handing in my IBM assignments. Then it's gonna be 1 1/2 month of FREEEEEEDOM..................!!!

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Ok, ok, I need a short break from working on my assignments. So bear with me while I'm just gonna babble on with whatever that comes to mind. 

My house looks like it got hit by a nuclear bomb, yup, that's how messy it is. I have piles and piles of clothes waiting to be ironed, and basket loads of stuffs which I am supposed to have put away like months ago.

Every other day, I see ST walking in and out of our other guest room, where his huge luggage is located. He has already started packing little by little in there, like two weeks ago, for our US trip, and I haven't even started..........!!! 

To be truthful, this whole trip was planned, arranged and booked entirely by him. I am ashamed to say that I have no recall whatsoever, in playing any part of it. Well, maybe just a tiny little bit, but that's all.

Where my assignments are concerned, I guess I'll be extremely happy if my lecturer will be kind enough to give me a C in IBM, the rate I'm doing it. I am starting to lose concentration (I think most of us students tend to do that when we reach the 6th or 7th module) coz we're just running out of gas. Half the time, I don't even know what it is that I'm typing in there. 

Sometimes you really wonder whether a person should get wiser and better as he/she goes along or is it the other way round. I am currently at a point where I don't really care anymore whether whatever I type in my assignments make any sense. This is where the Chinese would say, "luan luan lai" adi.. :S

You're typing and typing coz you just wanna fulfill the 2,000 words requirement.. :P

I fell sick, and I recovered (or so I thought) in the shortest time, and fell sick again the next day. So I'm actually working on a half blur mode, with ST who keeps telling me to feed the cold and pushing food into my face, while I try to swallow instead of throwing up.

I was looking for a reference book a moment ago, when I came across a book cabinet containing a whole load of unopened and new story books, which I am itching to reach out and start reading, but I can't yet....

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And because I have been sick, I have not had coffee for a couple of days, so that makes me a really angry person.

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So yeah, I just need to hang on for another 4 more days...

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which seems to me it's more like 4 years.... +__+

Now, back to assignments...


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