Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Creative problem solving

I was having problem working on my assignments the past 2 weeks. The assignment questions look easy enough even for my nieces to tackle, but we all know, it's not the surface level that the lecturers want. It is much much more than that, and those requires endless reading, thinking and questioning.

Recent unforeseen circumstances and travelling on my part got into the flow of activities and thoughts, hence, I was struggling even with the most basic question.

It was something that I couldn't accept myself. So I tried various methods to get my thinking going.

My niece the Tomato Head suggested that I try putting on some soft background music to stimulate the other side of my brain so that I do not feel bored when reading. It is something that I have never done before, but because I was desperate, I gave it a try. Half way through it I started to wonder if I was reading or listening to the music. It takes time to get used to, she said, something that I knew is a fact. Either that, or I was putting on the wrong music, coz according to expert, it has to be music without lyrics and I was tuned in to either MixFM or MyFM.

Anyhow, I was on the treadmill a this morning, listening to MixFM, enjoying both activities, when my mind drifted back to the assignment questions, and bingo! Within minutes, I saw the answers right before my eyes!

Which got me thinking, when we are doing something that we like or enjoy, and if we spent a few minutes just going through some problems that we have been having, the creative mind will tend to kick-in, looking for solutions the easy, lazy and fastest way, and it could be the most effective or efficient way. Right at that moment, I saw the answers straight through all the other information clutter in my mind.

You don't need to see all the answers at that moment, you just need an indication of how it could be solved, and then one thing will lead to another.

What a breakthrough...!!


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