Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Greetings from Hanoi!

(Latest up-date : Thurs ~ 27th Oct, 2011)


Tues ~ 25th Oct, 2011
Today is our 3rd day in Vietnam. So far the weather has been superb and cooperative. Bright sunshine yet it's not too hot.

In Halong Bay, the sun was weaving in and out between the clouds, giving us an apportunity to take pictures of the breathtaking limestone rocks in various lights and shades. My only hope is that the pictures turn out well.

We will be heading to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) tomorrow afternoon, catching a late afternoon flight. On day 1, we explored the old quarters of Hanoi. Tomorrow morning, I hope to cover a bit of the high end and new areas of Hanoi.

Oooops.. rushing out for dinner now. Gotta go! Stay tuned!

Wed ~ 26 Oct, 2011
Did I mention that the hotel's FREE wifi is SUPER fast and good? It's available throughout the entire hotel, no wifi key required. Even an English tourist that we met in Halong Bay onboard the cruise also couldn't help but praise the wifi super highway that is available in Hanoi & HB. I was able to up-load pictures onboard the cruise just before hitting the bed!! No congestion encountered whatsoever!

The water puppet show was superb! It is a must watch! Wish we have time to watch it again, coz last night, we were rather busy trying to capture bits and pieces of it on our camera. It wasn't easy due to the poor lighting.

I had 2 cups of coffee this morning during breakfast. Couldn't help it! It's so good!

We walked around the Hoan Kiem Lake this morning and today's weather signals the slow forthcoming winter in Hanoi. The sun was hidden, and it felt a little chilly even around 11 am on a busy Wednesday.

Thursday ~ 27th Oct, 2011

Nothing much to up-date except that we had a long and tiring day at the training. Drank 2 cups of tea and 2 cups of coffee today, to keep awake. Training was not too bad, except that tomorrow they would require us to apply what we have learned in group exercise session. So gotta do some homework tonight, but we decided to get it done in the function room just now before leaving, coz we know that once we walk out of the room, our memory would have been erased clean.. :-D

There will be a cock-tail party tomorrow evening, after the training at the hotel. Can't really recall if I brought any appropriate clothing for that.

Right now, I just wanna get back to the room and hit the sack.


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