Thursday, October 13, 2011

Burning the mid-night oil

I am so lagging behind with my CFM assignments. On top of that, I haven't really started reading up and researching on my ODC.

In less than 2 weeks time, I am supposed to be travelling for an entire week (now it is a bit uncertain).

The up-coming deadlines for both modules and the recent turn of event at the family front are really pushing my stress level to the max. The thought of being in such an out of control situation is sufficient to freak me out to the point of confusion, frequent reflections, numbness and further stagnancy. 

I am trying my utmost in taking it one little step at a time, doing one tiny task at a time and hope that by the next day, I will at least be in a slightly better position than the day before.


Blog name - carrot head and applemint

The following sites has helped me tremendously in attempting to pick myself up again.
1) Ways to get motivated when you're in a slump
2) The zen of doing

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