Monday, January 18, 2010

All problems resolved, time to slow down and enjoy..!!

Luggage bag problem resolved. ST went and redeemed his bonus link and got a medium size luggage bag for me this afternoon. Everything seem to fit into place now, can even add a few extra stuffs.. :-D

Sent the fur kids to the pet shop just now but they were closed. We nearly pulled our hair out when we saw the closed shop. Called the owner and she said they close early, but that she'll be back in the shop at 9 pm. So we'll hv to head over there again. Timon and Tabby isn't gonna like this one bit.

I'm starting to feel sleepy already. Don't feel any excitement at all for the time being, just tired. Hope to enjoy a cup of my fav teh tarik after we drop off the fur kids.. :-D

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