Sunday, January 17, 2010

1 more day to go...!! Woohooo....!!!

Some how, this time round, packing for an oversea trip seems to be so stressful. Guess it's becoz I was so caught up with work, my research and plan for my own tour seemed to have got abandoned 1/2 way, I'm not even sure where's the file I was building up for this trip. As of today, I haven't the faintest idea what's my schedule gonna be for the first 4 days. I just feel like sleeping in the hotel room if I could help it, but then I guess I'm gonna get an earful frm ST after that.

My packing, I've been going thru it this past 2 days, and things just don't seem right. The bag is too small, the next choice of luggage bag that we have is a bit too big. Been scrambling around yesterday to get whatever stuffs that we need for the trip, since it's gonna be winter there. Everything else (hotel, transport, foreign exchange, tour itinerary for the balance 4 days after the conf), ST has been taking care of, thk goodness for that.

Supposed to head over to PJ tis evening, to check out & order the CNY food stuffs for my relatives, inform vet about my 2 furkid's boarding in our absence, etc, and yet, ST is still upstairs fussing about his packing. Wonder why we seem to be so un-organized this trip.

Can't wait for Monday night...

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