Friday, May 31, 2013

Highlights of my London Trip - P3

 Kensington Gardens & Hyde Park

The day we were supposed to spend the entire day at the park was the happiest day of my life. See how happy I was..? And the weather was superb the entire day we were there..!!

Actually, we were at the parks 3-4 times during our stay in London. Even that also we did not manage to cover the whole of Hyde Park. I love the quiet and serene feel being in the park, appreciating the various types of beautiful and magnificent trees there, with its ornamental flower beds. Best place to go and absorb nature at its best.

Click on any picture for a clearer view

Wherever we go, we always ensure we get to know the local residences "real" well, you know what I mean?

We are not allowed to feed the squirrels in the park, there are rules posted all over the parks that says we cannot, but even then, I could do a "hand shake" with one of them. Don't believe? Click on the picture for a clearer view.. :P

After a few rounds of greetings, they can even pose for us when asked.. :P

These few superb shots were taken by ST

Serpentine Bridge that divides Kensington Gardens from Hyde Park

Random Ramble

Getting to know the local residences, told you didn't I? This poodle belongs to an Italian restaurant owner, located in Gloucester Road. The little restaurant is called Da Lisa. Friendly and good authentic Italian food.

 Was having tea one evening when I took this shot. Simply love it!!

Dinner at a Chinese outlet just opposite our hotel. See the grey building on the right? That's our hotel. We had dinner here twice coz ST wanted Chinese food and his wonton soup.. +__+  But we love the view from here (refer below).

 This is how it looks like at the entrance of that road, next to our hotel. This is on the left side of the guard house.

And this is on the right side of the guard house. All the foreign embassies are located in there.

 The few rows of our favorite dining outlets just across the street of our hotel. The Starbucks, Crussh, Stick & Bowl (the Chinese outlet), Food Hall (the 24 hour mini market) where we always drop by late at night when ST gets hungry.

Stay tuned for more up-dates on Porto Bello market, night view of London, and the awesome countryside!


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