Sunday, February 17, 2013

My dose of Lion Dance Performance in the year 2013

I love watching lion dance performances, especially during the Chinese New Year, and this year, it was no different.

Lion dance performances are most meaningful to the Chinese community because it expresses joy and happiness. It helps us start the new year with invigorating energy and positive anticipation for a great year to come.

To the business community, it is an artistic and powerful Chinese traditional performance, that is believed to bring wealth, health and prosperity to the business and audiences.

The performance is usually accompanied with acrobatic stunts and martial arts, which is amazing and heart stopping to watch. The lion is given various kinds of difficult challenges and the entire performance signifies that no matter how difficult those challenges are, it can be overcome with hard work, team effort and courage.

As per last year, I decided to watch the performance at Bread Basket Bakery (Triple B), in Kota Kemuning. 

It's my all time favorite coffee place. The cosy little corner where I come to take a well deserved break after half a day's work, where I heal my soul and enjoy a few minutes of "me time".

Triple B is one place with a soul and a unique characteristic of its own. Many a time we wanted to go out of KK to find new place for coffee and food, but we always find that we keep coming back here for it's aromatic cuppa, their creative food and their heart warming little gestures and casual chats. It's like how you keep going back to an old friend for company and comfort.. :-D

It is usually during festive seasons that Triple B comes to mind even more, when it comes to dining. They have a way of keeping the old tradition and spirit alive.

This year we were given a spectacular performance by an experience team. Watching them jump from pole to pole in team efforts, and landing on their team mate's shoulder, alternating steps and poses while at the same time making sure each of their step is aligned to their partner's and the drum beat, was sheer enjoyment. Their sure footing skills permeates a form of confidence and assurance which we love to see, to help us start the new year!

Thank you for the great show, great lunch and here I wish them "Gong Xi Fa Chai, Xin Nien Kwai Lek, Nien Nien You Yue!"


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