Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dreaming of the sun, sea and beach

Got up at 11 am today, that was blissful.....

No hurry and no rush to get up for breakfast. No schedule for the day. We just go with the mood and the flow. The readings and assignments will have to wait today. 

It's now July, middle of the year, a time when the body and mind starts to look forward to a short break.

Always, at this time of the year, the mind will start to drift to my favourite hiding place, surrounded by my favourite elements : the sun, sea and beach, to sooth the mind, body and soul.

Alternatively, anywhere that is near a great lake with beautiful and lush trees and bushes, will be fine with me.

But as always, work schedules and my study does not allow me that luxury during the mid year. However, there is nothing to stop our imagination and our control over what we can or cannot do. And I just love the profile picture at the top, of the hat, sea shells and sun tan lotion. It is just so invigorating..!!

And don't you just love this......?!?!

So today, I don't feel like doing anything.

I'm just gonna put my feet up and relax....

 Picture taken from here

Cheers and have a great Sunday!


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